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Two years ago at this time, I was preparing for a trip to Rome. The Latin class trip from my school needed another male chaperone and I joyfully agreed to go along. (The picture is actually Sorrento, but it's my favorite shot from the trip.)

That trip changed my life in several ways.

From the moment we began walking around Rome, I felt tangibly, palpaply connected with my Catholic faith in a way that seems to grow stronger with each passing month. I feel like a part of me now lives there permanently, in its old churches, in St. Peter's, in the Vatican museum. I feel sure that I'll go back someday, drawn by the saints and angels who watch over us all from that golden city.

I also grew in a important personal way in being one of the leaders of the group of fourteen students. I had been teaching for 20 years, but something clicked on that trip that I can't quite explain. Maybe it was the unique blend of just the right group of people and experiences, but I finally liked who I was on that trip. I saw myself differently and was able to break out of some kind of personal rut I found myself in back then.

Finally, the trip renewed my marriage, even though my wife did not go along. I can't get into all the details of how that happened, but it probably had a lot to do with how I saw myself differently. I treated her differently when I got back, something she noticed right away and very much appreciated. I decided the next time I go back, she is coming with me.


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I have yet to see Rome and Vatican City. I hope to one day.

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Will you add my blog & i'll do the same for you?

God bless,


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