Wednesday, January 31, 2007


For Catholic Schools week, the student council put together a little powerpoint presentation about what they like about each of the high school teachers here. Each page had a picture of the teacher and 3-5 qualities they appreciate about you, along with other related illustrations to emphasize your qualities.

It's funny to see what they think about when they think of you. For me they wrote:
Fastest Teacher
Loves to Laugh
Coolest Incoming Beard
Palm Pilot!

#5 is there because I have never let my beard grow out until this month. It started to come out different colors (salt 'n' peppa!) so I decided to see what it looked like. The worst comments I've gotten involve the "S" word (scruffy) and the best comments involve words like "distinguished" and "professorial."

#6 refers to my grade book. I keep my grades on a Zire 72, which is also my camera and video camera, my MP3 player, my calendar, memo pad, rolodex, and breviary (Liturgy of the Hours in Latin!)

OK, enough bragging about myself. But in my humble profession you get rewards like this that money can't buy.


Blogger Erin Marie said...

Remember when you hit your ruler on the back of Brendan Ellis' chair and shards flew EVERYWHERE!! I do declare Mr. Ellis learned a valuable lesson that the smart ass remarks for when Blackhawk is NOT holding sharp, wooden objects.

3:29 PM  

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