Monday, January 29, 2007

Third post, 2nd try

So my first attempt at a blog was marred too many perfectionistic expectations of myself.

It was my third post that killed me.

What third post, you ask? The one I never posted because it got so convoluted and arcane that I could never finish it. I think it was about an article in First Things I had read. It was how the Fathers of the Church are making a comeback. I guess I should just have said something simple like, "I like reading the Fathers of the Church, too, especially St. John Chrysostom" and leave it at that. Instead I tried to be too scholarly and too high-falootin'. Anyway the article is here.

The thing I liked best was his point identifying the Fathers as men steeped in Scripture, and how we needed to be steeped in Scripture too in order to renew our culture and save it from the modern Barbarians (or even from the post-Modern Barbarians).

I was also trying to use that post as a way to introduce myself a bit more to my readers. I was born into a Lutheran family in the early 1960's. After my parents divorced during the cultural hurricanes of the 70's (we were the first family of all 4 on my block to implode that decade) I lost the faith, only to regain it through reading Scripture with Evangelicals at my public high school. They loved Scripture and they helped me steep myself in it. (Later I converted to the Church with the help of a beautiful Catholic girl I met my junior year in high school. That's another story.)

If you ask me, good, solid, directed Scripture study is what Catholics need more that anything right now, from praying the Psalms to memorizing chapters of Paul's epistles (like I used to do in high school, influenced by the Bill Gothard seminars.) Putting that Scripture into practice creating new traditions or restoring ancient ones, more than anything will help us to renew our little parts of the world which we inhabit.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geometricus: Just blog! You don't have to write the Great Catholic historical work in each entry. None of us are Pope Benedict XVI.

I spent MONTHS agonizing over my blog before I started it.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I second what Cathy said.

Sometimes I have these 'great ideas", then I write up long posts...and realize that I HATE them. Some are still on my blog, saved as drafts.

Others have been deleted completely.

Sometimes you have to just post as you are moved.

And fair warning; sometimes you post something, like it one moment, and the next day find that you need to delete it. It happens.

7:19 PM  
Blogger Ray from MN said...

Welcome back, Geometricus!

I caught your first couple of tries and was excited to see another person blogging about Catholic issues ('n stuff) in the Twin Cities area. That's my beat! Kind of.

Then you disappeared on me.

But fortunately I just caught you on Cathy of Alex's RDC blog in the comments section.

Thanks for coming back; the more the merrier.

If you check my sidebar, you can see a more or less up-to-date list of area Catholic bloggers, if you are interested.

I don't think there are any high school teachers, but a bunch at the college and home-school levels. And some musing about returning to school to get teaching certificates or advanced degrees (Cathy & Adoro).

I try to stick to "Catholic news/events" from the region, with some pro-life issues and occasional personal comments or trivia, some just for fun now and then.

Stop by and say "hi!"

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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